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Introduction to Information Systems

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A. Power Point 2000

Download this video file for the later exercise.

Download this wav file

Download this mp3 file

Download the xls file

Inserting and Modifying Tables

Tables can be used graphically to help balance the look of your slides content. To insert a table, click on the "Insert" menu, and select "Table". Key in the amount of rows and columns that your desire and press "OK". Note: the pen tool that will appear as your cursor will allow you to "draw" lines through parts of your table; however, this does not create a new row or column. Various formatting options are available to change border and font appearance as well.

Insert an Excel Chart

If you already use Excel to create your charts, you'd probably rather not recreate them in PowerPoint. To insert an Excel char, open Excel, highlight your table (by clicking once) and hit CTRL+ C (Copy shortcut). Switch by to PowerPoint and the slide you wish to place the place the char at and hit CTRL+V (Paste shortcut). PowerPoint will allow you to edit table contents and adjust formatting by double clicking the pasted graphic.


To create a bar or pie chart (or similar chart based on numbers in a datasheet):

Exporting to Word

PowerPoint can export much of its information and images to Microsoft Word. To try this, click the PowerPoint " File" menu, select "Send To" and "Microsoft Word". Select the format you desire to be exported to Word and click "OK" to complete the process.

Audio & Video

Your presentation can link to external audio and video files

Saving Presentations for the Web

One of the nicest features of PowerPoint is the ability to create versions of your presentations for on-line distribution.

B. Apply your knowledge.

Your instructor will give you an article regarding AI. Based on the given article, you are asked to summarize the content and design a slide show using PowerPoint.You have to apply the skills learned in class and demonstrate your basic understanding of this article by meeting the following requirements:

  1. Define the term artificial intelligence and state the objective of developing artificial intelligence systems.
  2. List the characteristics of intelligence behavior and compare the performance of natural and artificial intelligence systems of each of these characteristics.
  3. Identify the major components of the artificial intelligence field and prove one example of each type of system.
  4. List the characteristic and basic components of expert systems.
  5. Identify the individuals involved in the development of an expert system.
  6. Identify the benefits associated with the use of expert systems.
  7. Define the term virtual reality and provide three examples of virtual reality applications.


After finishing your project, you should save a copy for yourself and email another copy to your instructor (