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Conceptually, the applications of information systems in the real world can be classified in several different ways. For example, several types of information systems can be classified conceptually as either operations or management information systems. The following figure illustrates this conceptual classification of information systems applications.

Major Application Categories of Information Systems
Operation support systems process data generated by business operations.
- Transaction processing system: process data resulting from business transactions, update operational database, and produce business documents.
-Process control systems: monitor and control industrial processes.
-Enterprise collaboration systems: support team, workgroup, and enterprise communications and collaboration.
Management support systems: provide information and support needed for effective decision making by managers and business professionals. Major categories are:
-Management information systems: provide information in the form of pre specified reports and displays to support business decision making.
-Decision support systems: provide interactive ad hoc support for the decision-making process of managers and other business professionals
-Executive information system: provide critical information tailored to the information needs of executive.
Other categories of information system may support either operations, management, or strategic applications. Major categories are:
- Expert systems: are knowledge-based systems that provide expert advice and act as expert consultants to users.
-Knowledge management systems: are knowledge-base systems that support the creation, organization, and dissemination of business knowledge within the enterprise.
-Strategic information systems: support operations or management process that provide a firm with strategic products, services, and capabilities for competitive advantage.
-Functional business systems: support a variety of operational and managerial application of the basic business functions of a company.

Trends in information systems.