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Introduction to Information Systems
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A. Checking Spelling of a Document

This is a very simple project. Here you will learn how to

  • Change font type and font size.
  • Import a clip art .
  • Resize your image.
  • Use picture toolbar: increase contract, reduce contract, increase brightness, reduece brightness, and image controls.
  • Use Text box and Format
  • Checking spelling and grammars.

Download this file and follow the instructions on the handout to change spelling and grammar errors in this document.

Another way to check spelling of your file is going to menu Tools and selecting spelling and grammar or you may press F7. A spelling and grammar dialogue box will pop up then you may want to change the detected errors.


B. Creating a Research Paper

In both academic and business environments, you will be asked to write reports. Many different styles of documentation exist for report preparation, depending on the nature of the report. Two popular documentation styles for research papers are the MLA (Modern Language Association of America) and APA (American Psychological Association) styles. The following project uses the MLA documentation style.

In this project, you'll be able to learn how to:

  • Insert header and footer
  • Use Page setup to adjust margins
  • Use some commonly used short-cut keys such as Ctrl+L, Ctrl+E, Ctrl+R, Ctrl+Z.
  • Adjust line spacing
  • Insert footnote
  • Italicize text
  • create a hyperlink
  • insert a page break for a blank page.
  • Check spelling and grammars
  • Do word count.
  • Sort paragraph

MLA Documentation Style

After seeing the demonstration of instructor,you can download this research paper, which hasn't been revised yet. Try to modify it. Download the un revised document.

If you finish practicing, you should create a research paper by yourself. You can follow the instructions on the handout .Raise your hand and let your teacher know if you need any assistance.The result of your work should look like the file below.
Download the finished work.

Links to sites on research papers.

A Good Site to Visit.- The Purdue University Online Writing Lab

C. Working With Tables:

In this project, you'll learn how to

  • Insert a table
  • Merge or split cells
  • Fill color or change borders and shading of cells
  • Use Formula ( =Sum(left) ; =Sum(above))
  • Use AutoFit property to adjust the table.
  • Align your text.
  • Change your font color.

You may download this Table document for practice.

The first table is the result wanted, the second table is for your practice.

Download Tables.doc

For students that are advanced, you can look at your handout. There is an exercise for you to create a table to display monthly home expenses. Finish that exercise by following instructions while your teacher is helping other students.

D. In Class Exercise: Apply your knowledge 45 minutes

Create newspaper layout by using Word 2000/XP.

E Assignment 3

Creat a personal resume with one- page coverletter.