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Introduction to Information Systems

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A. What is Power Point 2000?

Microsoft Power Point 2000 is a complete presentation graphics program that allows you to produce professional-looking presentations. A Power Point presentation also called a slide show. PowerPoint gives you the flexibility to make presentations using a projection device attached to a personal computer and using overhead transparencies. In addition, you can take advantage of the WWW and run virtual presentations on the Internet. Power Point also can create paper printouts of the individual slides, outlines, and speaker notes.

Power Point contains several features t simplify creating a slide show. For example, you can instruct Power Point to create a predesigned presentation, and then you can modify the presentation to fulfill your requirements. You quickly can format a slide show using one of the professionally designed presentation design templates. To make your presentation more impressive, you can add tables, charts, pictures, video, sound, and animation effects. You also can check the spelling of your slide show as you type or after you have completed designing the presentation. For example, you can instruct Power Point to restrict the number of bulleted items on a slide or limit the number of words in each paragraph. Additional Power Point features include the following:

PowerPoint 2000 Tutorial


B. Project One:

This project is called "Searching for Scholarships". From this exercise, you can learn:

  1. How to insert a new slide.
  2. How to demote or promote a bulleted list.
  3. How to add clip art.
  4. How to apply design template.
  5. How to create a hyperlink.
  6. How to change the size of clip art.
  7. How to add slide transitions to a slide show.
  8. How to apply animation effects.
  9. How to e-mail a slide show from within PowerPoint.

C. Apply your knowledge.

Your instructor will give you an article regarding information and decision support systems. Based on the given article, you are asked to summarize the content and design a slide show using PowerPoint. You have to apply the skills learned in previous exercise and demonstrate your basic understanding of this article by meeting the following requirements:

  1. Outline and briefly describe the stages of a problem-solving process.
  2. Define the term MIS and clearly distinguish between a TPS and an MIS
  3. Discuss information systems in the functional areas of business organization.
  4. List and discuss important characteristics of DSSs that give them the potential to be effective management support tools.
  5. Identify and describe the basic components of a DSS.
  6. State the goal of a GDSS and identify the characteristics that distinguish it from a DSS.
  7. Identify fundamental uses of an ESS and list the characteristics of such a system.

After finishing your project, you should save a copy for yourself and email another copy to your instructor (